Recent-ish Publications

FORTHCOMING: A story in Asimov's, and a reprinted story in Nova Fantasia (Galician). Poems in Home Planet News, Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Abandoned Towers, & Abyss and Apex.

"Pawn", a short story, was reprinted in Indian SF, Issue 3 May-June 2013. [May 2013]

"Inequity", a poem, appeared in Parody, Vol. 2, Issue 1. [March 2013] It appeared online, as well, here. [June 2013]

"Insidious", a poem, appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction, March 2013. [January 2013]

"Pawn", a short story, was reprinted in the anthology Future Games, Paula Guran ed., Prime Books. [December 2012]

"Awkward Stage", a poem, appeared in Ship of Fools, No. 66, Fall 2012 [November 2012]

Main Street Rag published my poem "Squirrel Hill, Saturday" in Volume 17, Number 4. [October 2012]

My poems "inquest" and "Overview" appeared in Star*Line 35.3. [August 2012]

One of my favorite short stories, "Thoughts on a Martian Postcard", appeared in Barbaric Yawp, May 2012, Vol. 16, No. 2. [July 2012]

My poem "When the Aliens Came" appeared in Leading Edge, Issue 62. [July 2012]

My poem "Dark Matter" has been nominated for the Rhysling Award and appeared in The 2012 Rhysling Anthology [June 2012].

The poem "Notable Deficiencies" appeared in Dreams & Nightmares #91. [February 2012]

My poem "de angeli" appeared in 5AM Issue #34. [December 2011]

My story "Consensus" is out in the anthology Finding Home from Timid Pirate Publishing. [December 2011]

First, Many Genres, One Craft was an Award-Winning Finalist in the Business: Writing and Publishing category of The USA Best Books 2011 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News. Second, it was named #5 in 10 of This Year's Terrific Writing Books by The Writer Magazine in their December 2011 issue.

Topzine.cz has published the Czech translation of my story "The Right Thing" in their online magazine. [July 2011]

My poem "Not For Love, But Something Else" appeared in Rune, the 2011 edition of Robert Morris University's literary magazine.

An updated and slightly abridged version of my essay "Don't Be a Bobble-Head, and Other Bits of Guidance" appeared in Many Genres, One Craft, an advice book put together by the faculty, guest faculty and alumni of the Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction graduate program. Michael Arnzen and Heidi Ruby Miller are the editors. [May 2011]

My poem "Icon" appeared in the online magaizine OG's Speculative Fiction, Issue 29. [March 2011]

My poem "Dark Matter" appeared in the online magazine Strange Horizons. [January 24, 2011]

My short story "To Answer Your Question: Dearest Nephew" has been reprinted in Anotherealm's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1. [October 2010]

I'll proudly post this here, even though it isn't my own publication. It is, however, the first print novel publication by one of my students in the Seton Hill WPF Program: Diana Botsford's StarGate SG-1: Four Dragons. [September 2010] Yes, I'm very proud.

"By Their Sidewalks You Will Know Them" was posted at Ruth E Hendricks Photography, with a very appropriate photograph, and a wonderful response poem by Arlene Weiner. It's here. [February 2010]

"Commandments for July" has been reprinted in THATCHWORK, a poetry anthology of the Delaware Valley Poets, Inc.. [October 2009]

My much-reprinted short story "Norbert and the System" appeared in the Philosophy textbook Philosophy Through Science Fiction by Ryan Nichols, Ed.. [October 2008]

My poem "Why Do You Waste What You Weave?" (yes, it's a Penelope reference...) appeared in the inaugural issue of motel 58. [October 2008]

My poem "To Demur" was reprinted in Stories About Time, a poetry anthology honoring Pittsburgh's premiere Poetry Mentor, Michael Wurster. The editors are Ziggy Edwards and Arlene Weiner. Monkeysea Press is the publisher. [February 2008]

My poems "Would I Give the World, All of It, for Love?" and "Lines Written to an Unknown Audience, Waiting for the Night's First Act" were reprinted in the Along These Rivers anthology from Quadrant Publishing, edited by Judith R. Robinson and Michael Wurster. The anthology contains the work of both Pittsburgh poets an Pittsburgh photographers. [January 2008]